What we do

Assess/Benchmark your Facebook page and provide modification suggestions.
Analyze your Facebook page(s) to assess how well it performed in relation to other pages. Your page is graded from 0 to 100. The higher the score the better.
– Are you beating Facebook EdgeRank?
– Are your pages performing above or below average?
– Which metrics require your attention?]

Facebook Page Management

– Update content on your page, schedule updates, target group updates.
– Create specific Metric alerts on content or news related keywords.

Facebook Applications
Utilize 14 applications to help you grow your fans including applications for a competition, quiz, top fans, document application and many more.

Lead Management and CRM –

Build a profile of your fans based on interactions on your Facebook page and participation through the applications. Establish Feedback Loop by collecting information related to your products or services that can be used for targeting specific offers to these fans.

– Schedule updates to Google + personal page
Website – Google Analytics assessment
Mention Monitoring
Monitor mentions of your brand online


Provide detailed analytics module, which gives you an overview of how your pages and posts are performing.
– Calendar – A visual display of posts made or scheduled on your page.
– Posts – A view of posts made with details of comments, likes and a gauge on sentiment (e.g. positive or negative). You can also schedule updates to be posted at the optimum time to get the best engagement.
– Fans – A graphical display of the top users that have posted content or interacted on your page. By identifying your most loyal fans you can build a closer relationship with them. Your loyal supporters will be the people to turn to when you want to get the word out about a new product or service.

Identify Your Competitors Most Shared Content

Analyze how popular or unpopular content is on your website to assess the performance of your blog or your competitors’ blog. Produce detailed information on where content is shared out and how often it is shared. Review blog within website to picks out all the blog posts and then display these posts in order of popularity on social media channels.

Content Streams
Develop RSS distribution for your blog content through an RSS feed – to automatically send out content for that blog.

Automatically schedule content to be delivered over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + (company page)
-View analytics on shares
– Automatic link shortening on any links shared
– Ability to add team members to fill up your queue
– Access News Feeds for integrated content
– Test posts to multiple groups on LinkedIn

Build profiles of people you want to form relationships with and help you nurture this relationship right through to sale.

– Create Twitter lists to organizing your Twitter stream.
– Assess and recommend the best time to send your tweets. The timing of your tweets is really important. You can send during a quiet period when not many followers are online hoping the few that are will see your tweets. Or you can send during the busy times when most of your followers are online.

EMAIL Campaign Integration
E-mail integration that allows you to view e-mail correspondence with contacts
Design and step-by-step email process development

SEO / Blog Posts
– for Google Analytics – including blog analysis optimization
1. Title tag optimization for your blog post.
2. Suggest keywords that you can rank higher on so you can update existing posts or create a new post based on these keyword.
3. If you are using WordPress we’ll make sure you set up your page names to include keywords. By default they don’t. This is important for SEO.
4.. Link to other relevant blog posts on your blog using relevant keywords. Linking from external websites to yours is useful but internal linking is also valuable.
5. Detail / revise all the page titles and descriptions for all the posts on your website.
6.. Improve what Google indexes on your site.
7. Look for guest post opportunities.
8. Create sitemap and submit to Google with site details.

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